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Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance is a specialized health plan crafted to address the unique needs of individuals facing cardiac diseases. The plan is tailored to cater to those who have undergone medical treatment for heart-related conditions and aims to offer comprehensive coverage/specialized care.

The plan comes in two variants: Silver and Gold, and is designed for individuals aged between 10 to 65 years. In Section 1 of this plan, it extends coverage for hospitalization expenses stemming from accidents and non-cardiac ailments, ensuring a broad safety net for policyholders. However, the plan’s Section 2 provides a robust coverage encompassing both surgical and interventional management, as well as medical management tailored specifically for cardiac-related illnesses. Meanwhile, the Silver plan concentrates on providing coverage for interventional and surgical management.

In this guide, we will cover various sides of Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance, deciphering its benefits and the layers of security it affords to those in need.

Features & Benefits of Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance

Section 1 of Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance covers the following:

  • Expenses related to in-patient hospitalization, including room rent, boarding, nursing charges, fees for anesthetists, surgeons, etc. This coverage requires a minimum hospital stay of 24 hours.
  • Coverage for pre-existing diseases commences after 48 months of continuous insurance

Section 2 of this policy covers hospitalization for cardiac ailments, including the following:

  • If you ever need to stay in the hospital for a heart issue, Star Cardiac Care has got you covered! This plan takes care of your in-patient needs, ensuring you’re looked after for a minimum of 24 hours..
  • Pre-existing cardiac ailments are also covered starting from the 91st day of the policy

Some other benefits of this plan include:

  • Coverage for ambulance charges, ensuring financial assistance for emergency transportation to the hospital
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses for up to 30 days, supporting individuals with medical costs incurred before admission
  • Post-hospitalization lumpsum payment up to the specified limit to aid in the recovery process
  • All day-care treatments without the need for prolonged hospital stays

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Inclusions of Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance

Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance sets itself apart by offering extensive coverage for cardiac ailments, addressing areas often overlooked by conventional health insurance plans.

  • The plan comprehensively covers various cardiac ailments that may not receive adequate coverage in other health insurance plans
  • In the unfortunate event of death due to personal accidents, the insurance company disburses the sum insured as stipulated in the policy to provide financial support and security to the insured’s beneficiaries during challenging times.
  • The policy extends coverage for outpatient expenses incurred at any network facility. The benefit limit for each event is Rs.500, subject to a maximum of Rs.1500 per policy tenure. 

Exclusions of Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance

Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance maintains clarity regarding exclusions, ensuring a transparent understanding of scenarios where claims will not be applicable. It is essential to be aware of these exclusions to make informed decisions about coverage.

  • Claims related to medical disorders, attempted or actual suicide, self-inflicted injuries, anxiety, sexually transmitted diseases, and depression
  • Hospital charges like hospital registration, admission fees, and other administrative costs
  • Unconventional therapies and war injuries
  • Any claims related to the use of drugs, intoxicating substances, alcohol, tobacco chewing, smoking, or similar habits 
  • Cosmetic surgeries or treatments, aesthetic procedures, behavioral and mental disorders, or psychiatric treatment

Understanding these exclusions is crucial for policyholders to navigate their coverage effectively and ensure that claims align with the defined parameters of Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance.

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Eligibility Criteria of Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance

Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance is here for those who meet certain criteria based on their medical history. If you qualify, you can take advantage of this specialized plan tailored for your cardiac health needs. 

To be eligible for this plan, individuals must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Age requirement: 10 to 65 years
  • Those who have undergone Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) procedure within seven years before policy purchase or have undergone Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) with stenting are eligible.
  • If you’ve had Patent Ductus Arteriosus that’s been successfully treated, you’re totally eligible for coverage.
  • Those who have undergone corrective procedures for Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) or Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) are eligible to apply for this plan.
  • Individuals who have undergone Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation for correcting any underlying cardiac condition are eligible for coverage.
  • Individuals who have had an Angiogram conducted, where no medical intervention was found necessary, are also eligible for this health insurance plan.

By meeting these eligibility criteria, individuals can secure comprehensive coverage under Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance, tailored to address their unique cardiac health needs.

Cancellation Policy for Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance

Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance recognizes the need for flexibility and offers a straightforward cancellation policy. Policyholders can cancel the policy by providing a written notice with a 15-day lead time. In the event of cancellation, the insurance company follows a refund structure based on the period the policy has been active, as outlined below:

Period on Risk Premium Rate to Be Paid
Up to one month 22.5% of the policy premium
More than one month to three months 37.5% of the policy premium
More than three months to six months 57.5% of the policy premium
More than six months to nine months 80% of the policy premium
More than nine months Full policy premium

This transparent table outlines the applicable premium rates for different periods of risk. Policyholders can make informed decisions about cancellation, and the refund structure ensures a fair and proportional return of the premium based on the duration the policy has been in force. 


What is the duration of the Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance Policy?

The policy term for Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance spans one year.

What choices are available for the sum insured in the Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance Plan?

The available sum insured options for the Star Cardiac Care Plan include Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 4 lakhs.

Is there a provision for tax benefits under this policy?

Certainly, policyholders can avail tax benefits under the Income Tax Act, 1961 for the premium paid. It’s important to note that these tax benefits are applicable for payments made through non-cash modes.

Can this policy be transferred to another insurance provider?

Ans: Indeed, it is feasible to port this policy. To initiate the porting process, policyholders are required to submit an application to the insurance company and complete the necessary form. It’s essential to submit the porting request at least 45 days before the policy’s renewal date, ensuring a smooth transition to another provider. However, the application should not be submitted earlier than 60 days before the policy renewal.

How long is the free-look period for Star Health Insurance Company’s health insurance policy?

The free-look period for this policy extends for 15 days, starting from the date of policy issuance.

What are the sub-limits applicable to the Star Cardiac Care Health Insurance plan?

The expenses associated with cataract treatment are reimbursable up to Rs. 20,000 for each hospitalization, with an overall limit of Rs. 30,000 for the entire policy duration. This particular sub-limit is relevant to Section 1 of the insurance plan.

Is there a provision for co-payment in this plan?

Certainly, a co-payment of 10% is applicable for each claim amount for policyholders who have obtained the policy after attaining the age of 60.

Is pre-acceptance medical screening mandatory for this plan?

No, pre-acceptance medical screening is not obligatory for this plan. However, individuals seeking the policy are required to submit comprehensive past medical records at the time of policy purchase.

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