About BimaBandhu

About Bimabandhu

BimaBandhu is an all-inclusion insurance information portal that aims to help individuals understand more about insurance, its different types, and more before they buy any plan. It is dedicated to increasing the level of awareness about insurance purchase and selection amongst the masses in India. 

Insurance Gyan Simply Means BimaBandhu

BimaBandhu is all about presenting the right balance between information about insurance policies that matter and plans that are precisely suitable to an individual’s insurance needs. We know how insurance works and you know your life better than anyone else. Let’s join hands to help each other know more about the importance of insurance in life.

How BimaBandhu Started?

BimaBandhu began in 2021 with one objective:

Spreading awareness about insurance in general and different types of insurance policies in particular. We want to reimagine the entire journey of an individual as he/she plans to buy insurance. From knowing how insurance works to find out what works best for you, we can help you through our comprehensive insurance guides/articles. In other words, we make understanding ‘insurance jargon’ easy and without bias. 

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Our Success Lies in You Getting Insured

From the very first insurance article on this portal to the current repository of 100+ guides, BimaBandhu is slowly becoming the go-to portal loved by Indians to find unbiased insurance information. We have started serving individuals by responding to their queries about insurance policy purchases. 

No upsell, no policy recommendation. Pure, unbiased information for your perusal.

BimaBandhu’s Vision

While we are happy with how we want to spread knowledge about insurance (life, health, motor, etc.) amongst the masses, we know it will take time and continued effort. Our vision is to make every Indian understand the importance of insurance so that they can get adequately insured in different facets of life. When good health, financially-secure life, and owning dream vehicles can be on your checklist, why not know about insurance that secures it all?

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