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In a world where health uncertainties loom large, safeguarding oneself from unforeseen medical expenses becomes paramount. You can opt for HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan to get a shield against a spectrum of medical challenges. This insurance plan goes beyond conventional coverage to offer a suite of financial benefits for hospitalization, domiciliary treatments, support for mental healthcare, OPD expenses, etc.

What sets the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan apart is its array of enticing benefits, designed to address the diverse needs of policyholders. Encompassing global health cover, non-medical expenses coverage, and recovery benefits, this plan goes beyond the ordinary. In an era where health is synonymous with wealth, it can provide financial reassurance and a holistic approach to well-being. 

Let’s dive into the intricacies of this plan to discover how it can fit into your financial profile.

Key Highlights of HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan

  • Sum Insured: Ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 crore
  • Policy Tenure: one year, two years, and three years
  • Pre-Policy Medical Check-ups: May be required depending on the age and sum insured
  • Plan Types: Silver Smart, Gold Smart, and Platinum Smart
  • Pre-existing Diseases Waiting Period: four years for pre-existing diseases
  • Discounts: Family discount, digital policy issuance, Long-term policy discount, and 10% Loyalty discount (if available)

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Benefits of HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan

1. Global Hospitalization

Encompassing a global perspective, this health insurance policy covers the expenses related to hospitalization worldwide. This benefit is available for policyholders who opt for it at the time of policy purchase, providing a safety net beyond geographical boundaries.

2. Preventive Health Check-ups

It also encourages proactive health management with the provision of preventive health check-ups. After every fpur consecutive claim-free years, policyholders can access these facilities, promoting early detection and preventive care.

3. Cumulative Bonus

It also provides a financial incentive for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the form of a 5% cumulative bonus on renewal if no claims have been raised in the previous policy year. This serves as a rewarding mechanism for policyholders’ commitment to their well-being.

4. My:health Active Benefit

This plan goes beyond financial coverage with its my:health Active benefit. Policyholders can leverage services, such as a health coach, fitness discounts on renewal, health incentives, and wellness services.

5. Tax Benefits

The premium paid for the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha plan qualifies for tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. This dual benefit can ensure health security and provide a strategic avenue for tax planning.

Inclusions of HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan

  • Medical costs for hospitalizations exceeding 24 hours, including room rent, diagnostic procedures, ICU charges, and medication expenses
  • Expenses related to hospitalization for mental illnesses, emphasizing the plan’s holistic approach to health coverage
  • Medical expenses incurred from home hospitalization based on a qualified doctor’s advice when hospital admission is not possible
  • Cost of hospitalization at home, recommended by a qualified doctor when traditional hospital admission is not feasible
  • Healthcare expenses incurred up to 60 days before hospitalization, ensuring comprehensive coverage
  • Follow-up consultations and diagnosis services for a maximum of 180 days post hospital discharge
  • Costs for daycare procedures and treatments requiring hospitalization of less than 24 hours
  • Hospitalization expenses incurred at recognized AYUSH hospitals
  • Recovery benefit as a lump sum amount provide the insured gets hospitalized for 10 days or more
  • Medical expenses incurred outside India, including hospitalization, ambulance services, and day care procedures, and more

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Exclusions of HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan

  • Medical treatments solely aimed at controlling obesity 
  • Hospitalization due to alcohol or drug abuse
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgeries undertaken for aesthetic purposes
  • Expenses related to sterility and infertility treatments 
  • Hospitalization resulting from participation in adventure sports activities 
  • Expenses incurred for investigative or unproven treatments 
  • Hospitalization resulting from the insured’s involvement in activities breaching the law 

It’s imperative for policyholders to familiarize themselves with these inclusions and exclusions to avoid any misunderstandings regarding coverage. While the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan offers comprehensive protection, certain scenarios fall outside the scope of its coverage, as outlined above.

HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan Waiting Periods

  • Initial Waiting Period: 30 days from the policy inception (no claims are admissible during this period, except for accidental injuries)
  • Specific Illness Waiting Period: 24 months 
  • Pre-existing Diseases Waiting Period: Four years
  • Parent and Child Care Cover (Basic & Booster) Waiting Period: Four years
  • Waiting Period for Outpatient Dental Treatment: Three years
  • External Medical Aids Waiting Period: 24 months (for expenses for external medical aids, such as spectacles, contact lenses, or hearing aids)
  • Major Illness Waiting Period: 90 days (the policy pays a lump sum amount if the insured is diagnosed with any of the listed illnesses after this waiting period)

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HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 years for adults and 91 days for children 
  • Maximum Entry Age: No upper age limit for adults and 25 years for children
  • Coverage Type: Individuals, multi-individuals, and families through the family floater option
  • Renewability: Lifetime


Is maternity coverage included in the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan?

No, maternity expenses are not automatically covered under the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan. However, you have the option to avail of maternity coverage by choosing the Parent and Child Care optional cover. This additional feature ensures that maternity-related expenses, including prenatal and postnatal care, are comprehensively addressed within the policy. 

Is it possible to adjust the room rent limit in the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan?

You have the flexibility to modify your hospital room rent limit by selecting the room rent modification cover within the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha policy (as per policy terms). This feature allows you to make specific adjustments to enhance your overall coverage experience within the defined limits. 

Does the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan involve any deductible?

The Plan does not entail any deductible. However, if you choose to include global health cover, a deductible of USD 100 will be applicable to all overseas claims. This means that while your domestic claims remain free of deductibles, international claims under the global health cover will have this specified deductible amount. 

What is the process for verifying the premium amount for the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan?

To determine the premium for the HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan, you can refer to the premium chart provided by HDFC ERGO. 

Is it possible to pay the premium for my HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan in installments?

You get the flexibility to pay the premium for your HDFC ERGO My:health Suraksha Plan in convenient installments. The options include equal installments over 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months, allowing you to choose a payment schedule that aligns with your financial preferences and planning. 

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