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Statistical information about the Indian insurance sector presents to us all a very grim picture – it is 3.71% of GDP in the FY19. It indicates an underserved market that has failed to make its mark on the worldwide picture. This low rate of insurance coverage across the country is the result of lower levels of awareness about insurance products amongst Indian citizens. The unorganized household savings pattern in India is another reason behind the low insurance coverage ratio in the country. All this emphasizes the need for an online portal where people can find valuable, reliable insurance-related information. This is what led to the development of BimaBandhu – an all-inclusive insurance blog that aims to help insurance buyers in making an informed decision.  

Let’s talk more about BimaBandhu in the subsequent sections. 

What is BimaBandhu ? 

BimaBandhu is an Indian insurance blog launched in 2021 with the aim to provide truthful information about the insurance types, benefits, their features, and much else. It is where users can find details about diverse types of insurance policies in the market. The blog has recently been launched and is expanding to cover several different aspects of the insurance industry in India. 

What Led to the Launch of BimaBandhu? started as an insurance information portal in 2021. It is the time when the insurance industry has grown manifolds because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and people are looking for reliable sources of information related to insurance. Many of them first want to know what insurance is, how it works, which type of insurance policy to buy, etc. Before making any final decision. The availability of scattered information on diverse channels and media often leads more to confusion than to help people get helped in buying an insurance plan.  

BimaBandhu aims to change that perspective by listing out detailed blog posts about everything valuable for an insurance buyer. As an information portal covering insurance at large, BimaBandhu aims to become synonymous with ‘insurance in India’, helping the policy buyers with all the information they need to clear their doubts – minor or major before they buy any policy.  

Why Should You Visit and Read BimaBandhu? 

We are all advised by our peers or family members to buy the right type of insurance policy – whether it is to cover life, health, or assets like vehicles or properties. However, many of us end up making a wrong decision while buying a plan because of lack of required knowledge. Another side of this says we make random insurance-buying decisions, not knowing whether a specific type of insurance policy will be useful for us and fulfill the purpose we buy it for. It is at this level of thought that BimaBandhu wants to make a difference. 

No matter how healthy or wealthy you are, you need some form of insurance in your life. It is because insurance acts as a financial cushion to support you and your loved ones in the family. Being an integral part of our life, insurance purchase should not be taken lightly.  

You can make the right decision to buy insurance using information available here on BimaBandhu. 

What All Does BimaBandhu Cover (Will Cover)? 

Initially, BimaBandhu has started covering various facets related to life insurance and term insurance. However, the larger goal is to cover every aspect of different aspects of insurance plans, including: 

  • Motor Insurance 
  • Health Insurance 
  • Group Insurance  
  • Critical Illness Insurance 
  • Insurance Types 
  • Insurance Purchase Tips 
  • Need for Insurance in Life, etc. 

Common FAQs 

1. Who is an insurance policyholder? 

A policyholder is an individual who owns or purchases an insurance policy. As a policyholder, you are covered under the policy terms and can add other individuals in your family to the policy.  

2. Who is an insurance company? 

An insurer is a company who offers insurance policy at different rates to the prospective buyers and provide diverse insurance benefits in return. In simpler terms, an insurance company is responsible to fulfill the promises laid in the plan to the policyholder. 

3. Why should you buy insurance? 

Insurance purchase is a crucial decision in life that helps achieve financial freedom in your life. Insuring your assets and life is important along with saving money to achieve various life goals.  

4. Why buying insurance is important in life? 

There are many reasons you should purchase insurance policies in life, including financial security, financial risk transfer to the insurer, protection for self and family, and legal bounds. 

5. Why should you visit BimaBandhu? 

BimaBandhu is the one-stop destination where you can get in-depth details about various types of insurance policies. The details available will help you make informed insurance-buying decisions in life. 

6. Why is it important to get Insurance Gyan at BimaBandhu? 

In layman terms, gaining knowledge about different insurance policies and how they benefit you in the long run is essential. It is much better to be aware of the most suitable type of insurance for you than to solely rely on an agent or a peer’s recommendations. This is where BimaBandhu can help – to provide comprehensive Insurance Gyan to people.  

7. Can I get the details of all types of insurance policies at BimaBandhu? 

Yes. Since the portal has been recently launched, it may time to cover every aspect of different types of insurance. But eventually, you will have everything you need to understand any specific type of insurance policy at BimaBandhu 

8. How should I choose an insurance plan? 

It is important for to gain adequate knowledge about the specific insurance policy that you want to buy and its benefits. The more you compare such plans, the easier it will become for you to understand which one to choose. Go through detailed blog posts at BimaBandhu for better understanding.  

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