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For health insurance companies, addressing the unique needs of individuals with Diabetes Mellitus is paramount. While not every insurer offers plans covering this disease, there is Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance Policy. It serves as an example of comprehensive coverage crafted specifically for those suffering from diabetes.

What makes this policy stand out is that there’s no waiting time for people dealing with diabetes and its related issues. It’s like the policy understands how important it is to get help right away for those handling diabetes. It’s all about taking care of people when they need it the most.

Also, Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance policy extends its embrace to both an individual and family floater basis. This ensures the protective shield of coverage encompasses not individuals and their loved ones. Notably, it accommodates both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients, making it an inclusive haven for those facing diverse challenges within the diabetes spectrum.

In this guide, we will cover what makes Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance policy a trustworthy companion in protecting your health amidst diabetes worries. 

Features and Benefits of Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance Policy

1. Flexible Coverage Amount

You can choose from coverage amounts of Rs 3 Lakh, Rs 4 Lakh, Rs 5 Lakh, to Rs 10 Lakh, tailoring the policy to individual health needs.

2. Dual Plan Variants

With Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance Policy, you get two options: Plan A and Plan B, each crafted to satisfy different preferences.

3. Pre-Medical Examination Requirements

Plan A mandates a pre-medical examination for applicants, ensuring comprehensive health assessment. Conversely, Plan B offers the convenience of no pre-medical screening, streamlining the application process.

4. Coverage Options

The policy covers both you individually and your family, making sure everyone’s health needs are taken care of under its protective umbrella.

5. Waiting Period Distinctions

Plan A of the Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance policy features no waiting period, offering immediate coverage for diabetes and related complications. In contrast, Plan B incorporates a 12-month waiting period, assuring coverage after the specified duration.

6. Guaranteed Lifetime Renewals

Post the age of 65, beneficiaries can enjoy Guaranteed Lifetime Renewals, ensuring continuous access to health coverage as they age.

7. Graceful Renewal Period

You can also benefit from a 30-day grace period for policy renewal from the expiration date, providing a buffer to ensure continuous coverage without any lapse.

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Inclusions of Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

  • Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy offers coverage for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. This extends beyond hospitalization expenses to include coverage for associated complications, ensuring a holistic approach to diabetes care.
  • The policy shoulders a range of hospitalization expenses, covering essential aspects such as medicines, nursing and boarding charges, etc. 
  • The policy covers all daycare medical procedures, big or small. This means the insurer supports you financially, even for minor medical stuff. 
  • Apart from when you’re in the hospital, Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance policy also helps with your medical needs when you’re not admitted. It covers the costs of seeing the doctor and getting tests done, up to certain limits. 
  • Going beyond diabetes-related concerns, the policy includes a Personal Accident Cover. This additional layer of protection underscores the policy’s commitment to the overall well-being of its beneficiaries.

Exclusions of Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

  • The policy doesn’t cover illnesses that you had before getting the insurance until a certain waiting period is over. 
  • Cosmetic or plastic surgeries are not covered under the Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy, unless deemed an integral part of the treatment. 
  • Any symptoms arising from alcohol and drug abuse, as well as incidents related to alcohol consumption and drug overdose, fall outside the scope of coverage. 
  • Routine medical check-ups are not covered by the policy, highlighting its purpose to address specific healthcare needs and unexpected medical events.
  • The policy doesn’t cover surgery for changing gender.
  • If you intentionally hurt yourself or try to take your life, the insurance won’t cover any resulting harm or damage. 
  • If you do things you’re not supposed to, like breaking the rules, getting into trouble with the law, or using weapons, the insurance won’t have your back. 

By clearly listing what the policy won’t cover, it aims to match coverage to what people actually need for their health, while also nudging everyone to be responsible and law-abiding.

Eligibility Criteria for Star Diabetes Safe Mediclaim Health Policy

Minimum Age Requirement: 18 years

Maximum Age Limit: 65 years

By focusing on individuals with Diabetes Mellitus, the policy aligns its eligibility criteria with the specific health challenges posed by diabetes. This targeted approach enables the policy to provide tailored coverage to individuals managing diabetes.

Cancellation Process for Star Health Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

To initiate the cancellation of your Star Health Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy, you need to adhere to a formal process. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Notify the insurer of your intention to cancel the policy. A 15-day notice period is mandatory to facilitate a smooth cancellation process.
  2. The refund amount is contingent upon the policy term and premium payment frequency. The rates for a one-year policy term are as follows:
Period on Risk Percentage of the Premium Retained by the Insurer
1 month 22.5% of the annual premium
1 to 3 months 37.5% of the annual premium
3 to 6 months 57.5% of the annual premium
6 to 9 months 80% of the annual premium
Exceeding 9 months Full annual premium

The insurer will process the refund based on the specified rates, ensuring a fair and transparent assessment aligned with the duration of the policy in force.


Can I purchase a Star Mediclaim policy if I have diabetes?

Yes, you can buy an individual Star Health Insurance plan. However, it’s important to note that your pre-existing diabetic condition won’t be covered under regular plans. This plan is tailored to address issues like Diabetic Nephropathy, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Diabetic Foot Ulcer. Keep in mind that a medical screening is required before purchasing this policy, even if you are below 50 years of age.

What should I keep in mind when buying diabetes insurance from Star Health?

When getting health insurance or a diabetes plan from Star Health, remember to:

  • Understand hidden clauses like waiting periods and copayments to avoid surprises later.
  • Check if there’s a cap on room rent to ensure coverage aligns with potential hospital expenses.
  • Be aware of limitations on pre-existing diseases to assess the scope of coverage for existing health conditions.
  • Review the list of exclusions to have a clear picture of what’s not covered under the plan.

How long is the waiting period for the Star Diabetes Safe Plan?

Typically, health insurance has a waiting period for pre-existing conditions, lasting 2 to 4 years. During this time, no claims related to pre-existing illnesses are allowed. It’s advisable to secure health insurance early for timely coverage. However, it’s important to note that Plan A and Plan B have a waiting period of 15 months.

How do I renew my Star Health Insurance policy after a year?

Star Health Insurance will send you a renewal reminder, notifying you about your policy’s expiry. While the company may not be obligated to do so, it’s your responsibility to renew on time to ensure continuous coverage.

What do I do if I lose my Star Health card?

If you misplace your Star Health card, you can reach out to the insurer by calling their helpline at 1800 425 2255. You can also send a quick email to to address and resolve your concern promptly.

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