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Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy is a popular plan offered by Star Health Insurance Company. It is designed to provide financial assistance for hospitalization expenses arising from sickness, disease, or accidental injury. Moreover, it offers a lump-sum payment upon the diagnosis of certain critical illnesses. This policy covers nine major critical illnesses without any survival period requirement, making it a comprehensive option for individuals residing in India.

Buying this policy can provide peace of mind to policyholders by offering comprehensive coverage and financial support during challenging times of illness or injury. In this guide, we will dive deeper into the specifics of Star Criticare Plus Insurance policy, exploring its features, benefits, eligibility criteria, and more.

Features & Benefits of Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy

  • Coverage for nine major critical diseases
  • Lump-sum payment upon critical illness diagnosis
  • Expense coverage for non-allopathic treatments up to a specified limit
  • Lifelong renewability feature for continuous coverage

Policy Benefits Under Section 1:

  • Covers expenses for in-patient hospitalization of at least 24 hours
  • Includes room rent, nursing, and boarding expenses at 2% of the Sum Insured, capped at Rs.4,000 per day
  • Covers consultation fees, surgeon fees, ICU charges, specialist fees, and anesthetist fees
  • Covers the cost of drugs and medicines
  • Provides coverage for modern treatment methods
  • Ambulance cost covered up to a specified limit.
  • Ayush cover up to 25% of the sum insured, with a maximum limit of Rs.25,000 per policy period

Policy Benefits Under Section 2:

  • Offers lump-sum compensation upon critical illness diagnosis
  • Covers hospitalization expenses until critical illness diagnosis
  • Only one lump-sum amount paid in the insured person’s lifetime
  • 90-day waiting period from the policy inception, with no survival period requirement

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Inclusions of Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy

  • Coverage under Section 1 includes specific day-care procedures up to a defined limit.
  • Expenses for non-allopathic treatments covered, subject to a specified limit
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses for the 30 days preceding hospitalization are covered
  • Lump-sum payment for post-hospitalization expenses depending on the policyholder’s discharge
  • Major diseases covered under Section 2 includes Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Cancer, First-Time Brain Tumor, and Acute Myocardial Infarction, to name a few

This inclusive approach ensures policyholders receive comprehensive support for a variety of healthcare needs, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the insurance plan.

Exclusions of Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy

  • Expenses related to contact lenses, spectacles, hearing aids, crutches, wheelchair, walker, etc.
  • Treatment through naturopathy 
  • Hospital registration charges, admission charges, and related administrative fees 
  • Non-accidental dental treatment
  • Expenses related to refractive error correction, including procedures like Lasik Laser

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Eligibility Criteria for Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy

  • Age Requirement: 18 years to 65 years 
  • Sum Insured Determination: Personalized according to the covered individual member

The eligibility criteria approach ensures accessibility and customization, enabling individuals to secure comprehensive coverage in alignment with their unique health insurance requirements.

Cancellation Policy of Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy

Policyholders have the option to cancel the Star Criticare Plus Insurance policy by providing a written notice with a 15-day period. In the event of cancellation, the company follows a refund structure for the unexpired policy period, as outlined below:

  • Up to 1 Month: 1/3rd of the yearly premium will be retained
  • More than 1 Month to 3 Months: 1/2 of the yearly premium will be retained 
  • More than 3 Months to 6 Months: 3/4th of the annual premium will be retained.
  • More than 6 Months: The full yearly premium will be retained

This systematic approach to the cancellation policy ensures transparency and provides policyholders with a clear understanding of the premium refund process based on the duration the policy has been in force. 


Does the Star Criticare Plus insurance policy include coverage for ambulance costs?

Certainly, the Star Criticare Plus insurance policy encompasses ambulance expenses. Policyholders are entitled to ambulance charges, with coverage extending up to Rs.750 per hospitalization. The overall limit for ambulance charges within one policy tenure is capped at Rs.1,500. 

Are there discounts available with the Star Criticare Plus insurance policy?

Star Criticare Plus insurance policy provides discounts, particularly for the family floater variant. A 5% discount is applicable when enrolling two members under the plan. Furthermore, for families with more than two members, a generous 10% discount is offered. The availability of discounts may vary depending on the time when you choose to buy it/

What sum insured options are offered by the Star Criticare Plus insurance policy?

The policy provides a range of sum insured options to cater to diverse coverage needs. Policyholders can select from sum insured amounts of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs. This flexibility allows individuals to tailor their insurance coverage according to their specific health requirements.

Is portability an option for the Star Criticare Insurance Policy?

The policy is portable. Policyholders have the flexibility to port their policy, allowing them to seamlessly transfer their existing coverage to this plan. 

Does the Star Criticare Plus insurance policy include a co-payment option?

Star Criticare Plus insurance policy incorporates a co-payment facility, particularly for insured individuals aged more than 60 years at the time of policy purchase. In such cases, a co-payment of 30% is applied for each claim made. This co-payment provision extends to cover injuries, diseases, and illnesses specified in the policy schedule.

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