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In times of medical emergencies, financial security becomes paramount. This is where Star Comprehensive Health Insurance policy comes to the rescue, offering robust financial assistance when it matters most. This policy is designed to alleviate the burden of medical expenses, ensuring individuals and families can focus on recovery without worrying about financial constraints.

With this policy, you can benefit from the absence of sub-limits or capping, providing unparalleled coverage for all medical needs. Whether it’s individual coverage or a family floater plan, this policy extends its protective umbrella to all family members, offering lifelong renewals for sustained peace of mind. Its hallmark feature is its comprehensive coverage, which includes maternity expenses for both normal and cesarean deliveries, etc. 

In this guide, we’ll uncover the perks and coverage choices of Star Comprehensive Health Insurance, and what sets it apart. 

Features & Benefits of Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy

1. Higher Sum Insured Options

The policy offers a substantial sum insured ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 1 crore, providing comprehensive coverage tailored to individual needs.

2. Flexible Premium Payment Options

You can enjoy flexibility in premium payments with options for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or lump-sum payments for the entire policy term. 

3. Cashless Hospitalization

You can access quality healthcare without worrying about out-of-pocket expenses. Star Comprehensive Health Insurance policy facilitates cashless treatment in a vast network of over 11,000 hospitals.

4. No Exit Age Limit

Unlike some other health insurance policies, Star Comprehensive Health Insurance policy imposes no exit age limit. This means individuals can maintain their coverage for an extended period without the worry of policy termination due to age.

5. Pre-existing Diseases Coverage

After a waiting period of 3 years, pre-existing illnesses become claimable under the policy. This feature ensures that individuals with existing health conditions receive the necessary coverage and support when needed.

6. Co-Payment Flexibility

Up to the age of 60, no co-payment is required. From 61 years onwards, a modest 10% co-payment is applicable on claims, offering a fair and transparent approach to shared healthcare costs.

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Inclusions of Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan has you covered from all angles, addressing your healthcare needs comprehensively. Here’s what it includes:

  1. Coverage extending to pre-hospitalization expenses for up to 60 days before admission and post-hospitalization expenses for a maximum of 90 days after discharge
  2. Hospitalization costs inclusive of room charges, boarding charges, nursing expenses, etc.
  3. Expenses related to alternative treatments such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, and Siddh
  4. Coverage for charges for emergency road ambulance transportation
  5. Maternity expenses – both normal and cesarean deliveries 
  6. Expenses related to newborns and vaccinations are included, promoting the health and well-being of the newest members of the family.
  7. Coverage to organ donor charges
  8. Air ambulance and domiciliary hospitalization charges
  9. Health check-up facilities
  10. Coverage for accidental death and permanent total disabilities
  11. Hospital cash benefit for up to 7 days

Exclusions of Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

While this health insurance plan provides extensive coverage, certain exclusions are important to note. The policy does not cover the following expenses:

  1. Expenses related to gender change treatments
  2. Treatment costs for obesity-related procedures 
  3. Pre-existing conditions until the completion of the waiting period of 3 years
  4. Injuries sustained during hazardous or adventure sports activities 
  5. Expenses for treatments that are considered unproven or experimental 
  6. Costs associated with infertility and sterility treatments, and others

Understanding the policy exclusions is crucial for policyholders to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare needs. It is advisable to thoroughly review the policy terms and conditions to ensure a clear understanding of the coverage and exclusions provided by the Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan.

Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Eligibility Criteria

  • Age Requirement: 3 months to 65 years 
  • Family Coverage: Available
  • Dependent Children Coverage: For those in the age group of 3 months to 25 years 

The eligibility criteria are designed to cater to the healthcare needs of diverse age groups, emphasizing the importance of family health. 

Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Cancellation Policy

Here are the key points regarding the cancellation process for the Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan:

  1. Policyholders can initiate cancellation by providing a 15-day written notice to the Star Health Insurance Company.
  2. Upon receipt of the cancellation notice, the company will initiate a refund for the unexpired policy period. This ensures a fair and transparent approach to financial transactions.

If you have chosen the monthly premium payment option, the premium for that specific month is not refundable. Understanding the cancellation policy empowers policyholders to make decisions aligned with their evolving healthcare needs. 

Now that you know all about the Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan, you can easily search for it online and buy it for yourself. 

Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Claim Procedures

To know more about the claim procedure, click this complete guide.


What is the Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy?

Star Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy is an extensive insurance plan provided by Star Health Insurance Company. It is designed to address diverse healthcare needs and offers coverage for a broad spectrum of hospitalization expenses. Tailored to accommodate both individual and family requirements, the plan is applicable for individuals falling within the age range of 3 months to 65 years. 

Are childbirth expenses covered under Star Comprehensive Health Insurance?

Yes, Star Comprehensive Health Insurance provides coverage for childbirth expenses, encompassing both normal and cesarean deliveries. This coverage includes pre-natal and post-natal expenses associated with the delivery. The reimbursement for delivery expenses is subject to specified limits, ensuring financial support during this crucial time.

Is it possible to shorten the waiting period for pre-existing diseases in the Star Comprehensive Mediclaim Policy?

Yes, it is possible to reduce the waiting period for pre-existing diseases in the Star Comprehensive Mediclaim Policy. You can opt for the buyback pre-existing disease optional cover and decrease the waiting period from the standard 36 months to a more expedited 12 months. This additional feature provides a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking swiffer access to coverage for pre-existing conditions.

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