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Life is unpredictable, and health emergencies can strike unannounced. This underscores the imperative need for a robust financial safety net. Understanding the profound impact such crises can have on both health and finances, HDFC ERGO Health Insurance introduces the My:Health Critical Suraksha Plus – a health insurance plan designed to offer comprehensive protection in times of critical illness.

The policy aims to provide a shield against the unforeseen financial burdens that often accompany serious health conditions. With a singular focus on addressing the escalating costs of critical illnesses, HDFC ERGO aims to ease the emotional and financial strain faced by individuals and their dependents when confronted with a critical illness diagnosis that demands immediate attention.

This guide covers the intricate details of the HDFC ERGO My:Health Critical Suraksha Plus to provide a nuanced understanding of the coverage and benefits. 

HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus: Key Highlights

  • Sum Insured: Ranging from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 Crore, ensuring that individuals can select coverage according to their specific needs and financial capabilities
  • Policy Tenure: 1, 2, or 3 years
  • Network Hospitals: 12,000+ to provide access to quality healthcare services across a wide geographical area
  • Waiting Periods: The policy features waiting periods for pre-existing diseases (4 years), specific diseases (2 years), and an initial waiting period of 30 days.

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Benefits of HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus

  • This plan offers comprehensive coverage for cancer diagnosis, providing the insured with the entire sum insured for all types of cancer, regardless of location, after a waiting period of 90 days. Notably, individuals diagnosed with early-stage or localized cancer are eligible for 25% of the sum insured, up to Rs. 1,000,000, following a 180-day waiting period.
  • In the event of cardiac disease diagnosis or the necessity for cardiac surgery, policyholders are entitled to receive the entire sum insured after a waiting period of 90 days. Similarly, for angioplasty procedures, policyholders or their dependents can avail 25% of the sum insured, up to Rs. 1,000,000, after 180 days.
  • The plan includes coverage for disorders or surgical procedures related to the nervous system. Policyholders become eligible for 100% of the sum insured after the expiration of the 90-day waiting period.
  • Should any of the insured’s major organs be significantly affected by illness or require surgery, they are eligible for 100% of the sum insured after the 90-day waiting period. Additionally, policyholders can access 25% of the sum assured, up to Rs. 1,000,000, after a waiting period of 180 days.

HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus: Inclusions

  • The policy covers expenses for diagnostic tests or check-ups conducted 30 days prior to the diagnosis of critical illnesses or procedures. 
  • The plan provides a sum insured amount to alleviate financial strain in the unfortunate event of the insured facing termination or voluntary resignation from their current job following a critical illness diagnosis at a significant stage or post-major surgery, 
  • The policy extends support by covering expenses for a second medical opinion from another practitioner if deemed necessary after the diagnosis of a critical illness or major surgery. 
  • In cases of emergency hospitalization, the policy provides a hospital cash benefit, offering financial assistance to the insured during the hospital stay. 

HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus: Exclusions

  • The policy does not cover any health-related incidents resulting from acts of foreign aggression or war.
  • Incidents of self-injury by the insured are excluded from coverage under the plan.
  • Injuries sustained while participating in adventure sports or military activities are not covered by the policy.
  • Expenses related to weight loss or obesity control surgeries are excluded from coverage.
  • Conditions such as general debility or specific health concerns like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s are not covered by the policy.
  • Expenses incurred for vaccinations, immunizations, or any preventive health measures are not covered.
  • The policy does not provide coverage for outpatient treatments.
  • If there is non-disclosure of pre-existing illnesses during the application process, resulting in a claim, it may be excluded from coverage under the policy.

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HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus Eligibility Criteria

To avail the benefits of the HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus, individuals must adhere to the specified eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 Years for adults
  • Maximum Entry Age: 65 Years
  • Coverage Type: Individual 
  • Renewability: Lifelong 


Is the HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus a suitable plan for me?

The  policy offers a diverse array of benefits, which may make it suitable for your needs. Noteworthy aspects contributing to its appeal include a 15-day free look period, providing policyholders with an opportunity for thorough evaluation. The plan also features a sum insured enhancement benefit, allowing individuals to adjust coverage according to evolving healthcare needs. You can check the policy document to decide better.

How can I pay the premium for the HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus insurance plan?

You can make the premium payment annually, half-yearly, monthly, or quarterly as per your preference and financial planning strategy. 

Are there any discounts available with the HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus insurance?

Please check with the insurer for more details.

How does the free look period benefit me in the HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus plan?

The free look period in this plan allows a 15-day window after policy issuance. During this period, the insured can thoroughly review the plan’s features and terms. If unsatisfied, they have the option to cancel the policy, receiving a refund of the premium paid, excluding any expenses incurred by the insurer.

Can I enhance the sum insured under the HDFC ERGO my:Health Critical Suraksha Plus plan?

The plan facilitates the enhancement of the sum insured. Policyholders can adjust their coverage to align with evolving healthcare needs, ensuring that the plan remains adaptable to changing circumstances. 

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