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In the face of unforeseen health challenges, safeguarding your family’s well-being becomes paramount. This is where you can choose HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan – a solution crafted to blend extensive medical coverage with a proactive approach towards fostering healthy lifestyles. This all-encompassing family health plan transcends conventional offerings and addresses diverse dimensions of healthcare through its benefits.

The plan encompasses coverage for hospitalisation costs, maternity expenses, ambulance services, and more. Setting itself apart with a forward-thinking approach, the HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan includes recovery benefits and preventive health check-ups, underscoring its commitment to proactive well-being. 

This guide seeks to dissect the intricacies of HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan, providing you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for the health and security of your loved ones. 

HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan: Key Highlights

  • Sum Insured: Rs 1 lakh to Rs 50 lakh
  • Policy Tenure: 1-year and 2-year 
  • Plan Types: Standard or Exclusive plans
  • Pre-Policy Medical Check-ups: May be required
  • Pre-existing Disease Waiting Period: 3 years 
  • Specific Disease Waiting Period: 2 years 
  • Initial Waiting Period: 30 days
  • Discounts: May avail a 7.5% discount on long-term policies

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Benefits of HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan

  • HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company offers a renewal premium discount of up to 8% to policyholders who achieve their prescribed step count target. This unique incentive aligns policyholders’ well-being with financial rewards, fostering a holistic approach to health.
  • Policyholders gain access to preventive health check-ups, provided at intervals of every three or four claim-free years, depending on the chosen plan type. 
  • A significant advantage of the HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan is the cumulative bonus feature. Policyholders receive a cumulative bonus of 10%, accruing to maximum 100%, if no claims are raised in the previous policy tenure(s). 
  • In alignment with the Income Tax Act, Sec 80D, policyholders can enjoy tax deductions on the premium paid for purchasing or renewing this health insurance plan. 

Inclusions of HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan

  • Covers medical costs for hospitalizations exceeding 24 hours, encompassing room rent, surgical appliances, nursing fees, and OT charges
  • Includes expenses for doctor consultations, investigations, and medicines incurred up to 60 days before hospitalization
  • Pays for follow-up consultations and medicines up to 90 days after hospital discharge, facilitating a holistic recovery process
  • Covers costs for medical treatments or surgical procedures requiring less than 24 hours of hospitalization
  • Addresses medical expenses for home-based treatment when hospitalization is not feasible, based on a qualified doctor’s advice
  • Encompasses expenses related to harvesting donated organs for the insured’s transplant surgery
  • Pays for charges incurred on road ambulance services during medical emergencies
  • Covers in-patient treatments through AYUSH (Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Homeopathy) system of medicine
  • Provides a daily cash amount if the insured opts for a shared hospital room for over 2 days
  • Covers medical expenses related to childbirth, including prenatal and postnatal care.
  • Offers a lump sum amount if the insured is consecutively hospitalized for more than 10 days.
  • Covers medical expenses for the newborn within 90 days of birth
  • Provides a daily cash allowance for accompanying an insured child (up to 12 years) hospitalized for over 3 days

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Exclusions of HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan

  • Unfortunately, out-patient treatment expenses 
  • Costs tied to dental treatments 
  • Medical expenses related to treating alcohol or drug abuse 
  • Expenses incurred in cosmetic surgery
  • Costs linked to congenital external diseases 
  • Expenses for external aids and appliances 
  • Any medical treatment required due to intentional self-injury 

HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance Plan Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum Entry Age: 18 years for adults and 91 days for children
  • Maximum Entry Age: 65 years for adults and 18 years for children
  • Coverage Type: individual and family floater
  • Renewability: Lifetime


What exactly is the HDFC ERGO Easy Health Policy?

HDFC ERGO Easy Health Policy is a comprehensive plan that wraps you in coverage for various medical expenses. You can also get a discount on your renewal premiums. It’s not just about taking care of you when you need it but also cheering you on for embracing a healthier lifestyle. 

Does the HDFC ERGO Easy Health Policy come with any pesky sub-limits?

The policy is a sub-limit-free zone! It’s all about giving you total coverage by taking care of those hospitalisation expenses up to the sum insured limit. 

Which serious health battles does the HDFC ERGO Easy Health Policy have your back for?

The HDFC ERGO Easy Health Policy comes with an optional add-on called the critical illnesses benefit. It’s like a safety net for 8 major health showdowns: cancer, first heart attack, stroke, open chest CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting), organ/bone marrow transplant, kidney failure, permanent limb paralysis, and multiple sclerosis. So, when life throws a tough one your way, this extra benefit can step in to provide financial protection and support. 

Is it possible to pay the premium for HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance in instalments?

The flexibility to pay your HDFC ERGO Easy Health Insurance premium extends to monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly instalments. 

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