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As individuals deal with the complexities of healthcare, having access to a policy that addresses diverse needs becomes imperative. Care Health Insurance, with its variants, is the name that comes to the forefront in such instances. Among its offerings is Care Health Care Freedom Health Plan, formerly recognized as Religare Freedom Health Insurance. It is a popular option to secure your health and get the best treatment when needed. 

This policy encapsulates the essence of holistic health coverage. The Care Global variant presents itself as a compelling choice, whether safeguarding oneself or extending protection to loved ones. 

Since health uncertainties loom large, the significance of informed decision-making cannot be overstated. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of the Care Health Care Freedom Health Plan.

Why Opt for Care Health Care Global?

  • Care Health Care Global prioritizes proactive health management by offering an annual health check-up facility for all covered policy members. This ensures early detection and timely intervention for potential health issues.
  • The policy also rewards policyholders for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through an impressive No Claim Bonus. With NCB Super, individuals can enjoy up to 150% bonus.
  • Care Health Insurance goes beyond geographical boundaries with the ‘Care Anywhere’ feature, providing global coverage for 12 critical illnesses. 
  • Care Health Care Global also has a unique Unlimited Automatic Recharge feature. This ensures that the policy’s sum insured gets automatically replenished in case it gets exhausted during the policy period.
  • You can tailor your insurance coverage to meet specific needs.
  • In critical health conditions requiring intensive care, Care Health Care Global provides unlimited coverage for ICU expenses, ensuring that financial concerns do not compromise the quality of medical attention.

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Inclusions under Care Health Care Global

  • The policy covers in-patient hospitalization expenses up to the chosen sum insured, ensuring that you receive necessary medical attention without financial strain.
  • The policy caters to pre-hospitalization expenses for 30 days and post-hospitalization expenses for 60 days, acknowledging the continuum of care beyond the hospital stay.
  • You can get Rs. 3000 per hospitalization for ambulance services.
  • Care Health Care Global has your back with coverage for domiciliary hospitalization. You can receive support covering 10% of the sum insured for situations requiring essential home-based medical care.
  • You will receive coverage up to Rs. 3,00,000 for organ donor expenses, alleviating financial concerns associated with transplantation procedures.
  • The policy offers maternity benefits up to Rs. 1,00,000, recognizing and supporting healthcare needs during the maternity phase.

Care Health Care Global Policy Exclusions

  • Claims arising from illnesses within the first 30 days of the policy inception are not covered, excluding accidental claims during this period.
  • Any claim arising from self-inflicted injuries is excluded from the policy coverage.
  • Accidents or injuries resulting from the abuse of alcohol, intoxicants, or drugs are not covered under Care Health Care Global Policy.
  • The policy does not cover expenses incurred for the treatment of AIDS/HIV.
  • Expenses related to pregnancy, including abortion, childbirth, miscarriage, and their consequences, are not covered.

Understanding these inclusions and exclusions can help you make informed decisions regarding coverage and ensuring that expectations align with the policy’s terms. 

Care Health Care Global Eligibility

  • Minimum Entry Age: Individuals as young as 91 days old 
  • Maximum Entry Age: No upper age limit for entry
  • Waiting Period: 30 days is applicable from the policy inception date
  • Waiting Period for Pre-existing Illness: 48 months
  • Grace Period: 30 days for premium payments beyond the due date

Understanding these eligibility criteria provides prospective policyholders with a clear framework for assessing their suitability for the Care Health Care Global plan. It promotes informed decision-making, aligning individual healthcare needs with the plan’s terms and conditions for optimal coverage. 

Care Health Care Global Claim Process

Step 1: Promptly inform Care Health Insurance about your claim within 24 hours of hospitalization. For planned hospitalizations, advance notification, at least 48 hours before admission, is imperative.

Step 2: If you want to opt for a cashless claim, obtain the Care claim form, known as the pre-authorization letter, from the hospital’s insurance desk. Submit the completed form along with a valid ID for verification.

Step 3: Await approval from the insurer, granted if the claim is deemed legitimate. In case of rejection or queries from the claim management team, individuals can continue healthcare services by self-payment, with the possibility of later filing a reimbursement claim.

Step 4: For reimbursement claims, submit all necessary documents alongside the completed claim form. Essential documents include original bills, discharge summary, and the doctor’s report, ensuring a comprehensive overview of the incurred expenses.

Step 5: Upon receipt of the reimbursement claim form, the insurer will conduct a thorough verification. If approved, compensation will be provided for the eligible amount up to a specified limit. In the event of claim rejection, the insurer communicates the reasons, providing transparency in the process.

Documents Required for Care Health Care Global Claim

  • Care Health Card
  • Pre-authorization Letter for Cashless Claim
  • Claim Form 
  • Original Bills and Receipts (Reimbursement Claim)
  • Identity Proof

*The insurer may request additional documentation in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the policy. It is advisable to review the policy thoroughly and provide any supplementary documents promptly upon request.

Care Health Care Global Health Insurance Renewal Process

Here’s a step-by-step guide to facilitate the policy renewal process:

  1. Access the official website of Care Health Insurance to commence the renewal process. The online platform eliminates the need for waiting in queues, offering a hassle-free experience.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Renewal’ section on the website.
  3. Choose the specific policy you wish to renew and provide the necessary information, including the policy number, name, and contact details. 
  4. Utilize the online tools available on the website to calculate and compare the premium for your renewed policy. 
  5. Make the payment securely through net banking or using debit/credit cards. 
  6. Receive a renewal confirmation message upon successful deduction of the renewal amount from your account. 
  7. Download the soft copy of your renewed policy promptly sent to your registered email address. 


How can I renew my Care Health Care Global Health Insurance online?

Renewing your Care Health Care Global Health Insurance online is easy. Visit the official website, click on the ‘Renewal’ option, select your policy, provide necessary details, calculate and compare the premium, and make a secure payment.

What documents do I need for a Care Health Care Global insurance claim?

To initiate a Care Health Care Global insurance claim, you’ll need essential documents such as your Care Health Card, pre-authorization letter for cashless claims, claim form, original bills and receipts for reimbursement claims, and valid identity proof.

What are the key features of Care Health Care Global?

Care Health Care Global presents comprehensive coverage with several key features aimed at providing extensive protection and flexibility. These features include:

  • Annual health check-ups
  • Up to 150% No Claim Bonus
  • Global cover for 12 critical illnesses
  • Unlimited automatic recharge, and more

Is there a waiting period for pre-existing illnesses under Care Health Care Global?

Yes, there is a 48 month waiting period for pre-existing illnesses under Care Health Care Global. During this period, coverage for conditions deemed pre-existing will not apply. 

How can I inform Care Health Insurance about a claim?

To inform Care Health Insurance about a claim, it’s crucial to do so within 24 hours of hospitalization for unplanned cases. For planned hospitalizations, notify the insurer at least 48 hours prior to admission. This prompt communication ensures the timely initiation of the claim process, facilitating a smoother experience.

Can I renew Care Health Care Global Health Insurance after the policy expires?

While the process of renewing Care Health Care Global Health Insurance is straightforward, it’s essential to renew it before the policy expires. A grace period of 30 days is provided for premium payments beyond the due date. 

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